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It’s Your Day ​on the Water

Take a blissful journey down the serene Deschutes River ​with your people. Choose your own family friendly fun - ​from a quick hour-long float to a full day of recreation, ​and everything in between. Pick your preferred vessel, be ​it a tube, raft, canoe, kayak, or SUP board. Your perfect ​day out awaits at Sunriver Raft & Float.

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Access river options

8 Mile Float Shuttle

Sunriver Doorstep Pickup

This river journey is a crowd-favorite, offering a ​quick shuttle ride and featuring the "Old ​Homestead" and the ‘Big Tree’, a Ponderosa ​Pine standing 162' tall. It’s a Fun-for-All! Boat ​options include rafts, canoes, kayaks, paddle ​boards, and/or tubes with approximately 2- 4.5 ​hours hours of river-time fun.

6 Mile Float Shuttle​

Sunriver Doorstep Pickup​

Enjoy a leisurely paddle at Vandervert Ranch ​and Crosswater Golf Course. The warm, ​shallow waters are ideal for rafts, canoes, ​kayaks, and/or paddle boards. Challenge ​yourself by retrieving lost golf balls. The ​journey lasts about 1.5- 3.5 hours, allowing ​time to enjoy the scenery.

Rental Only

+PFD, Paddles, & Tie Downs

Rent a Canoe, Kayak, or Standup Paddleboard, ​or tube. Pick up after 9am, return by 6pm. ​Include PFD, paddles, and tie downs. Perfect ​for a day of sun on your face and the gentle ​ripple of the water beneath you. We can't wait ​to be a part of your day on the water.

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Frequently Asked ​Questions

Why choose us for your floating adventure?

We're your partners for a hassle-free float! Our mission? To handle all the necessary details so you can immerse yourself in ​the joy of floating. Sure, we provide the boats, shuttles, and friendly faces, but our behind-the-scenes magic is what ensures ​your peace of mind.

We're proudly licensed with the Oregon State Marine Board and inspected by the Deschutes County Sheriff to ensure ​compliance with state laws. We provide all the essentials like PFDs, waterway access permits, and signaling devices. ​Without these, you could face fines – something we'd rather you avoid! As holders of special use permits with the Deschutes ​NF for water access, we respect our public lands and use them lawfully. If you spot any outfitters not in compliance, let us ​know – it’s possible they don't have insurance and/or haven’t met safety requirements.

Wondering if our trips are self-guided?

All of our online tours are! The Deschutes and Little Deschutes sections are not challenging and don't require expert skills. ​They're tranquil, safe stretches that are enjoyed without a guide.

Do you rent or shuttle rafts?

Unfortunately, we don't rent or shuttle rafts. But don't worry, our rafts run on the Deschutes River from Tenino to Wyeth – a ​scenic, less crowded section perfect for family floats.

Pressed for time and only have an hour or two?

Because of river access limitations, quick trips are not possible. But a quick dip in a lake can be a great alternative! We rent ​kayaks and sell single and double tubes.

Fancy tubing the Deschutes?

Sure thing! Be ready for a 6 to 7-hour journey because of access restrictions. If you're up for a full day's float of about 6 ​hours, we provide a morning shuttle service to LA Pine SP. A float back to your car at Harpers Bridge is roughly 18 miles – ​perfect for a big day on the water.

What about Life Jackets?

Remember, everyone is legally required to have a properly fitted and accessible PFD. Kids 12 and under must wear a PFD at ​all times, and our insurance requires all guests to wear one.

Want to bring your drinks and snacks?

Go ahead! Just remember to abide by boating under the influence laws.

Got your own PFD or paddle?

Great! Just make sure your PFD is type 3 and suitable for paddling.

How do I know where to get out?

Our take outs are easy to find! And have never been accidentally missed. Your driver will describe the takeout and will meet ​you there for your arrival.

What about custom shuttles?

We're sorry, but we don’t drop off or pick up at the SR Marina, SRHO boat launch, SR canoe takeout, or Benham East. Our ​focus is on less crowded, more scenic areas south of Sunriver. But stay tuned, we're working on a Sunriver rental delivery ​service, email us for details!

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